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  Beth Pollock Bruch

Beth's Bio

Beth trained in documentary video production at U.C. Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. Her first documentary video project, Indiana Aria, won a Student Academy Award, and her next documentary project, Atlantis Approaching/That Sinking Feeling, was produced with a Fulbright Scholarship to New Zealand. 

She previously worked in Chicago as a editor and writer, with jobs including Managing Editor of Chef magazine, Associate Editor of Fancy Food & Culinary Products magazine, and Features Editor of ethnicgrocer.com. Her freelance articles have appeared in publications including Saveur magazine, Escape magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, and the Tampa Tribune.

Before that, she earned a Bachelor's degree in English from Carleton College, then taught conversational English in central Japan, then briefly roamed around Asia and Europe, including a summer stint as a busker in Paris, creating a voice/guitar act with the subway trains of Paris as a moving stage.

She is now back home in the Midwest, living in Milwaukee with her husband Bob (who took a sabbatical from his job to help produce Atlantis Approaching) and their two wonderful boys.